California Suiseki Society

California Suiseki Society Logo As seen in the image used in our site header, the rivers and creeks of Northern California are a constant allure for our club members. As the photograph shows, the natural beauty of the waterways is as stunning as its fauna. It's from such waterways that we continue to find quality stones, serving as an inspiration, and motivation, for future trips.

The Search
"The Search"

Join our suiseki society. Membership includes over six organized collecting trips throughout Northern California. You also get our quarterly publication, "Suiseki Views", which includes articles by yours truly and other members, generous amounts of suiseki photographs from our annual exhibition, photos from Kashu Suiseki Kai (the oldest suiseki club in the Western Hemisphere for over 48 years), and the San Francisco Suiseki Kai. Italian suiseki photographs are also included regularly. Dues are $25. A check made out to California Suiseki Society may be sent to me at 1023 Santa Fe Avenue, Albany, CA 94706.

California Suiseki Societyís 15th Anniversary Show
By Felix G. Rivera

Itís difficult to believe that when I started our suiseki society we would be celebrating our 15th anniversary exhibition. But here we are. Our society has prospered by adhering to several basic goals: the study of suiseki as a Japanese art form, the valuing and sharing of classic information about suiseki, and collecting and exhibiting quality native stones. I wish to thank our suiseki guests that agreed to exhibit in our anniversary show. Hideko Metaxas has been a long-time friend and society supported, who warmly agreed to exhibit four beautiful suiseki. My thanks also go out to Mas Nakajima, who exhibited two suiseki, one of them being his amazing turtle stone, and Janet Roth, Masí wife who exhibited her beautiful water pool stone. My thanks also go to Jesus Quintas, a dear friend from Madrid, Spain, who sent me one of his beautiful Ligurian suiseki for our exhibition.

the Eel River

A beautiful view of a Northern California river